Optimizing Product Ratings and Reviews at Online Retailers

Through product ratings and reviews, consumers have discovered a prominent platform within online retailers to give a voice to their brand experiences. What once was a one-way channel is now a two-way conversation between brands and consumers.

Product ratings and reviews are proven sales drivers on retailer sites like Amazon or Walmart.com. Why? Because consumers have three times more trust in reviews thmobile product ratings and reviewsan in brand advertising. Shopper engagement with online ratings and reviews builds both trust and loyalty, and the proof is in the positive sales impact. Shoppers who interact with both reviews and customer questions and answers are 105% more likely to purchase while visiting, and spend 11% more than visitors who don’t interact with this content.

Monitoring online ratings and reviews can help your brand stay ahead of the game by uncovering patterns in consumer feedback and exposing critical issues. You can use these insights across your organization to fine tune your messaging, branding, and even product design. Shoppers are the best at using shopper language – and they’re likely using the same words to leave reviews and search for your products. Mining this unvarnished user generated content and making note of patterns and trends can help marketing and ecommerce teams more fully speak their shoppers’ language.

Brands that monitor, maximize, and manage product ratings and reviews at their online retailers clearly increase their sales potential. But even more valuable is that brands can use ratings and reviews to go beyond what their shoppers buy to a deeper understanding of why their shoppers buy.

Download “Optimizing Product Ratings and Reviews at Online Retailers” to learn how to identify shopper trends, how to respond to negative reviews, and how to increase the review volume and frequency for your products.