Location Based Tracking: Optimizing Performance in an Omnichannel World

Ready or not, here come multi-channel shoppers with high expectations for seamless movement between the digital and physical worlds along their path to purchase. Responding to the demands of these consumers who expect to buy what, when, and how they want has retailers and brands on their toes to offer product ranges, and fulfilment options that emphasize both choice and convenience.

However, with providing simplicity and convenience for shoppers, comes complexity for retailers and brands. Retailers operate a multitude of different store formats, with an ever increasing number of online fulfilment options. Brands, recognizing these variations in store sizes, locations and demographics, work collaboratively with retailers to optimize product ranges that reflect these preferences. Hence, products listed in one location can and do differ from those in another. Layer on top of this, localized Pricing, and ever-changing product Availability across thousands of stores, and suddenly the ability to uncover distribution gaps, understand ‘true’ Availability, and location-specific pricing strategies, become limiting factors in sustained growth, and success in the online channel.

Seeing a chance to gain competitive advantage, progressive manufacturers are investing time and resources into maximizing the visibility and desirability of their products on the digital shelf.  Download Location Based Tracking: Optimizing Performance in an Omnichannel World  and learn how to best position your brands for success and optimize performance in the omnichannel retail era by monitoring Availability, Product Ranges, along with Price and Promotions at the local level.

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