Amazon’s Choice: A New eCommerce Opportunity

Amazon Echo is voice-controlled device allows users to shop from home using their voice to order items. The voice-controlled speaker allows users to re-order and add items directly to their shopping carts on Amazon. amazon's choice “Amazon’s Choice” is a pre-determined range of brands and products that the Echo device will suggest if a desired product isn’t available or the shopper’s request wasn’t specific enough, such as designating the brand or pack variation. More than 8.6 million  Echo devices have been sold to date with 1.3 Billion in Echo-driven eCommerce transactions estimated for 2016. Experts expect that figure to grow to 11 Billion within the next three years.

But how does a product become Amazon’s “Choice”?  For this report, we analyzed over 10,000 common search terms to understand which products are designated Amazon’s Choice. Learn how brands might achieve the categorization and take advantage of this brand new eCommerce opportunity.