On-demand Webinar: eCommerce Jumpstart for Brands: 5 Steps to Success


Danny Silverman
Global Head, eCommerce Business Consulting Services
Clavis Insight


eCommerce is rapidly growing with an increasing number of consumers turning to the Internet to research and purchase products. To succeed in the changing retail marketplace, brands must fully understand the financial rewards of eCommerce and adapt their approaches to address the opportunities and challenges of the online channel.

Watch this on-demand webinar and learn:

  • Building the business case for eCommerce
  • The factors to consider when developing your eCommerce strategy
  • Setting measurable KPIs with achievable targets
  • Prioritizing resources, brands and retailers
  • Achieving quick wins

About the Presenter:

Danny SilvermanDanny Silverman is Global Head of eCommerce Business Consulting Services for Clavis Insight. Danny is a global CPG / FMCG eCommerce business strategy and sales thought leader with over 10 years of industry experience working with dozens of the world’s largest CPG/FMCG’s. Throughout his career, he has helped brands enhance equity and drive sales at online retailers with data driven insights and experience informed action.