eCommerce in China, a Bridgehead in the World’s Fastest Growing Retail Market

Supriya Chaudhury
Chief Marketing Officer
Clavis Insight

Nicole Bernard
President, Asia Region
Clavis Insight

Duncan Wu
eCommerce Analyst, APAC
Clavis Insight

China has become is the most lucrative and rapidly growing retail market in the world is quickly becoming a leader for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) eCommerce. Its 302 million online shoppers and vast online retailers and marketplaces represent an unprecedented opportunity for global CPG brands. In turn the retailers that dominate in China are having an impact on the global eCommerce marketplace.

Watch eCommerce in China, a Bridgehead for Global CPGs in the World’s Fastest Growing Retail Market to learn what’s different about the Chinese eCommerce market and what Global CPG brands can leverage in the channel to succeed in China and in their local markets.

Our presenters Clavis Insight Asia Region President Nicole Bernard and eCommerce Analyst Duncan Wu based in Shanghai as well as Supriya Chaudhury, Clavis Insight’s Chief Marketing Officer, will discuss:

• The size and scope of the Chinese eCommerce market
• Online shopping trends in China, including the shopping experience across digital platforms
• How brands can position themselves for success when entering the Chinese eCommerce market

Whether your brand is looking to enter the Chinese market, or utilize the tactics from the market to better reach consumers at home, you will not want to miss eCommerce in China, a Bridgehead for Global CPGs in the World’s Fastest Growing Retail Market.


About the Presenters:

SupriyaSupriya Chaudhury is CMO at Clavis Insight has more than 20 years’ experience in strategic planning, brand development and, analytics and research at top CPG/FMCG organizations. She has held senior roles in Procter & Gamble, Gillette and Ocean Spray, and has also worked with the two industry research giants – Nielsen and Kantar Research. Her experience has given her a deep understanding of what CPG/FMCG brands need to do to succeed in the online channel.


Image_Nicole BernardNicole Bernard is President of Clavis Insight’s Asia region and is a seasoned Asia executive who has lived and worked in China for 22 years. During her career in Asia, Nicole ran Chinese operations for divisions of Eastman Kodak, Internet Pictures Corporation, and IONA Technologies.  In her current role at Clavis Insight, Nicole leads a Shanghai-based team that supports Asian CPG/FMCG customers to successfully adopt world-class eCommerce Intelligence and Insights to drive online sales growth and beat the competition.


Image_Duncan WuDuncan Wu is an eCommerce Analyst at Clavis Insight based in Shanghai. In his current role, he helps leading CPG/FMCG brands best optimize their presence in online stores. Prior to joining Clavis Insight, Duncan served in Client Services and Project Management roles at Kantar Media and GFK where he participated on research and consulting projects focusing on Chinese consumer trends, eCommerce analysis, and digital performance.