Click and Frustrate

Avoiding Click and Frustrate: How Brands Can Address the Store Based Distribution Challenge

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The eCommerce revolution is well underway in the United States, and now it’s going down to the store level. Store Based Distribution enables both Click and Collect and Van Delivery, and allows grocery and heavy, low price items to benefit from eCommerce growth in ways not previously available through traditional parcel delivery carriers like UPS and FedEx.

However, this exposes new challenges for brands and retailers. Assortment and In-Stocks at store level are now more important than ever, otherwise risking shopper frustration that the items they want, where and when they want it, aren’t available. U.S. Out of stocks average 8%. And at any given hour or day, they can easily jump to the mid-teens. That could be a show stopper in a click and collect world. New solutions are required to avoid disappointing shoppers that buy online but pick up curbside or in-store, or have the products delivered.

In this one-demand webinar from industry leaders Simpactful and Clavis Insight, you will learn:

    • What is Store Based Distribution, and what’s the difference between Click and Collect and Van Delivery?
    • How much consumer demand is there for this convenience?
    • How prevalent is Store Based Distribution – which retailers? How many locations? And how does this compare to more mature markets like the UK? 
    • What are pure-play and omnichannel retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Peapod, Kroger, and Home Depot doing to take advantage of the opportunity?
    • What are best in class manufacturers doing to team up with retailers to address this growing out-of-stock issue?
    • What analytics tools are available to monitor location level availability, assortment, pricing and promotion?


About the Speakers:

Jack Buller is a Retail Supply Consultant at Simpactful. He has vast experience developing retailing strategies, innovative solutions and organizations for retailers and CPG companies in pursuit of better store execution. He develops practical retailer solutions powered by data, “shelf back” diagnostics and retail technologies, just as he did as Proctor & Gamble’s Retail Manager. Jack received P&G’s sole 2014 Lifetime Achievement award for pioneering retailer innovation throughout his career. Follow Jack on LinkedIn


heath fifieldHeath Fifield is an eCommerce Consultant at Clavis Insight. He has previous experience working on the Global Brand Analytics team at Reebok and as an eCommerce Manager at Blueport Commerce. Heath’s previous experience and expertise in CPG/FMCG gives him a unique perspective when partnering with global brand manufacturers to optimize their online assortment and address the changing eCommerce landscape. Follow Heath on LinkedIn.