US Candy Online Category Scorecard

Total US Non-Chocolate Confectionery sales reached $10.4 billion in 2014, growing 2.1% year over year1. We analyzed online product Availability, Content, and Search performance of over 1,000 brands in four US retailers to identify which candy brands are poised to win in the digital channel. us candy online category report

Our analysis shows that US Candy brands perform strongly on Product Content, but opportunities exist to increase product content. Not having items available to be shipped is a major roadblock to success in the online channel. Finally, some well-known classic Candy brands are leading the way on Search. Focusing on all four of these metrics will help brands optimize their online channel presence and performance, increasing both online and offline sales.

Find out if the candies that satisfy your sweet tooth rank on the digital shelf by downloading our US Candy Online Category Scorecard.