UK White Goods

UK Whitegoods: Online Retailer Search Results Scorecard

Household appliance manufacturers know how important the online channel is for their products. The category represents one of the most ecommerce-influenced of all consumer goods categories – according to a 2016 study from PWC, 58 per cent of buyers in the category had made at least one purchase online in the previous 12 months.

With most other distribution channels in decline, internet retailing has emerged as the fastest growing channel for consumer electronics, and whitegoods, in the UK and elsewhere. This means it is vitally important that your products can be easily found in popular online retailers such as Tesco Direct, Argos, Euronics, Curry’s, and Amazon, where free text search has become the primary method shoppers use to find the products they ultimately buy.

Clavis Insight analysed the search performance of brands across three whitegoods categories, including Dishwashers, Freezers, and Washing Machines.

Download the results of the analysis here in our latest whitegoods category scorecard by filling out the form.