UK Online Grocery Analysis

The UK is a booming online grocery market, second in size only to China. Online retailers continue to win an increasing share of UK shoppers’ baskets. IGD pegged the 2015 value share at 4.4% of total UK grocery spend (or £7.7 billion) and predicts this will grow to almost 9% by 2020.UK Online Grocery

Despite the obvious growth some brands still question why they should commit dedicated resources and effort to serve the ecommerce channel. But sales value is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to summing up the importance of online channel presence and performance. The digital channel is also an increasingly significant influencer on in store purchases – up to 35% of in-store UK food and beverage purchases are digitally influenced (Deloitte), with shoppers using the online channel for tasks such as product research, price comparison and consumer review analysis.

The growth of the digital channel means that success for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) manufacturers is more and more dependent on how their products are represented in the online channel. Knowing how these retailers operate online, and what functionality they offer is key when it comes to empowering brands to optimise their products’ representation to drive sales and protect brand equity in the digital channel.

In this analysis Clavis Insight looks at the major online grocery retailers in the market, comparing sales, range and online store functionality for the six biggest established players, plus the recently launched AmazonFresh.

Download our UK Online Grocery Analysis and see which brands are out-performing their competitors on key online retail metrics such as: Online Product Availability, Ratings and Reviews, Search Rank, and Product Content Integrity.