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UK Beer Online Category Scorecard

In-store Beer and Lager sales fell by 2% in 2016 while online sales grew in excess of 16%. Many Beer brands need to add an ecommerce focus to their strUK beer online category scorecardategy to make the most of this opportunity to regain ground in the online channel. We analysed Online Ratings and ReviewsProduct Content, and Search Performance for 50 brands in seven UK online retailers (Amazon, Asda, Morrison’s, Tesco, Sainsburys, Ocado, and Waitrose) to reveal which brands have already adapted to the digital shelf.

Our analysis shows that shopper reviews are an under-utilised opportunity for many Beer & Lager brands to drive conversion, while product content remains central to the shopper experience and allows several brands to punch above their weight.

Download our UK Beer Online Category Scorecard to see which brands are winning the digital shelf.