Clavis Insight Index US Cosmetics Category Study

The share of US Cosmetics sales moving online is increasing and represents a significant opportunity for brands. Cosmetics brands need to ensure that they are fully optimizing their presence in online stores to take advantage of the shift in purchasing behavior and educate consumers who turn to the Internet to research products in advance of an in-store purchase.

Download the Clavis Insight Index US Cosmetics Category Study and learn:

  • How best-in-class brands IMAN, Maybelline, and Sally Hansen topped the Lipstick, Mascara, and Nail Polish rankings
  • How brands can best optimize content on product pages to engage online shoppers
  • The importance of placing in the top 20 search results in online stores

About Clavis Insight Index (CI2):

CI2-100The Clavis Insight Index is a proprietary benchmark of online retail store presence and performance for CPG brands. The Index analyses key performance indicators critical to driving online purchases to determine best-in-class brands.