Clavis Insight Index US Candy Category Study

Nearly a quarter of US consumers are utilizing online stores to make their candy purchases. As more sales move online, brands must prepare for the opportunities and challenges of the channel.

Download the Clavis Insight Index (CI2) US Candy Category Study and learn:

  • The challenges that need to be addressed in order for candy brands to succeed in the online channel
  • How best-in-class performers Lindt and Lifesaver Gummies were able to top the Chocolate and Non-Chocolate rankings
  • Which US retailers provide the best sales opportunities for brands by offering the clearest path to purchase candy online

Online candy sales are poised to experience continued growth in the US. Download the Clavis Insight Index (CI2) US Candy Category Study and see how brands are taking advantage of this opportunity by overcoming the challenges of the online channel.

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About Clavis Insight Index (CI2):

CI2-100The Clavis Insight Index is a proprietary benchmark of online retail store presence and performance for CPG brands. The Index analyses key performance indicators critical to driving online purchases to determine best-in-class brands.

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