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Prime Day 2016

Black Friday in July: Amazon Prime Day 2016 Recap

In order to capitalize on the success of Amazon Prime Day, other online retailers have launched their own sales events such as “Black Friday in July.”

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Clavis Insight 2016 Amazon Prime Day Media Pick-up

Clavis Insight’s ecommerce analytics experts were quoted in numerous Prime Day 2016 articles. Click below to read the articles.

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Clavis on Bloomberg Radio: “Amazon Prime is Driven by Loyalty”

Prime as an offering is driven around building a loyal Amazon shopper. There’s plenty of research out there on the value of an Amazon Prime shopper. They’re almost twice as valuable to Amazon than non-Prime shoppers.

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Amazon Prime Day Live Updates

The Clavis Insight team posted live updates and commentary about the global reach of Prime Day.

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Amazon Prime Day Predictions 2016

Prime Day 2016 will offer 100,000 deals across eligible countries. Amazon will drive Prime membership and increase event participation with a 30-day trial.

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Lessons Learned from 2015 Help Brands Capitalize on Prime Day 2016

Prime Day drives deeper shopper engagement with the Amazon ecosystem. Lessons learned from 2015 can help brands take better advantage of this year’s event.

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