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Online Retailer Puts Product Search Center-Stage to Compete With Amazon

Recently Target pledged to pump $1.8 billion into capital projects this year, the bulk of it into eCommerce and supply chain improvements to support continued growth. Now we know where some of that funding has gone – a revamped Starting late last week, some shoppers started seeing a new look and feel at… Read More

How to Increase Product Ratings and Reviews at Online Retailers

Through product ratings and reviews, consumers have found a prominent platform within the online retail environment to give voice to their experiences. What once was a one-way channel is now a two-way conversation between brands and consumers. Product ratings and reviews are proven sales drivers on retailer sites.

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The Two Missteps Which May Have Spoiled Amazon Prime Day

By mid-Prime Day, the social media tide had turned against Amazon, with consumers mocking the deals on Pop Tarts, shoe horns and Walkman’s on Twitter. Prime Day clearly offered far more deals on a broader range of categories than Amazon offers on a typical day. Discounts were steep, but didn’t look dramatically different than those… Read More

A Wrap-up of Amazon Prime Day

Amazon’s global Prime Day event was billed as offering deeper discounts than Black Friday, and the company claims the event broke sales records even if it did take a panning on social media. At Clavis, we tracked Amazon’s deals across a few different days this week to see what Prime Day brought to the table beyond… Read More

Is Amazon Prime Day Living Up to the Hype?

We love that Amazon is using its birthday to shower consumers with gifts and deals, though most agree that this is a play by Amazon to increase the number of Prime Members. The global Prime Day event, which is happening in the US, UK, Spain, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, Canada and Austria, is billed as… Read More

Amazon Prime Day Reinforces the Importance of Membership Programs for Online Retailers

Online retail giant announced this week that July 15th will be Prime Day to celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary. The global event which is open to new and existing Prime members in the US, UK, Spain, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, Canada and Austria promises to offer deeper discounts than Black Friday. Non-Prime members can… Read More

Clavis Insight Forum Emphasizes Move from eCommerce Strategy to Action for FMCG Brands

The Clavis Insight Europe Middle East and Africa Forum, which took place in London last week, was attended by eCommerce leaders from some of the world’s largest Fast Moving Consumer Goods Manufacturers.  The event was titled “FMCG eCommerce: Moving from Strategy to Activation.” Speakers included experts from Clavis Insight as well as Hannah Gibson, Head… Read More

In a Rush to Serve Shoppers – Amazon Prime Same Day and 1 hour delivery

Amazon is making same day delivery free in 14 metropolitan areas to those who pay the $99 per year for Amazon Prime membership. The cities include major metropolitan centers like San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, Boston and Seattle. Prime members will need to place an order of $35 or more to avail of… Read More

Walmart Takes on Amazon Prime

While not quite at the scale of Kim Kardashian’s rear end, Internet news channels have been all-but overwhelmed with buzz about Walmart’s unlimited “free” shipping service this week. The news first came to light Wednesday on tech website The Information. The retail giant says it is testing a service that will rival Amazon Prime, but… Read More

Making Sense of Chinese eCommerce to Make More Cents

Recent weeks have seen a flow of news from China pointing to continued stellar growth in eCommerce in what has become the world’s largest retail market. Global fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands such as Rudolf Wild’s Capri Sun and Fonterra’s Anchor have been talking about their efforts to gain a foothold in the market,… Read More

It’s the eCommerce stupid!

As election fever winds up in the US there has been plenty of reminders in the media about the immortal phrase, ‘the economy stupid’, coined by Bill Clinton’s campaign strategist James Carville for the 1992 presidential campaign. I’m borrowing the sentiment to answer the question, ‘where will consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands find precious growth… Read More

Which US Retailers Provide The Clearest Path to Purchase Candy Online

For the U.S. Candy category, along with a number of other grocery categories in the market, a major issue is that retailers are still struggling to ship candy products purchased online. There are certainly challenges to shipping these items: with summertime temperatures in warehouses without air-conditioning reaching over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, chocolate candy and even… Read More

eCommerce Drives Retail Growth in US

Two thousand and fourteen retail sales figures in the US, announced last month by the US Department of commerce, demonstrate once again the importance of eCommerce in delivering growth and incremental revenue. From Q3 2014 to Q4 2014 overall retail sales were almost static, rising just 0.1 percent.  Meanwhile US retail eCommerce sales for the… Read More