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Does the Pope Use Amazon Prime Now?

Probably not.  He is a lot less materialistic than you or I. I can’t envision Pope Francis going online to order a case of Barilla pasta or Colgate toothpaste. However, Amazon and Pope Francis are crossing paths in the United States this week during his historic tour of Cuba, Washington, New York City and Philadelphia.  … Read More

Clavis Insight Forum Emphasizes Move from eCommerce Strategy to Action for FMCG Brands

The Clavis Insight Europe Middle East and Africa Forum, which took place in London last week, was attended by eCommerce leaders from some of the world’s largest Fast Moving Consumer Goods Manufacturers.  The event was titled “FMCG eCommerce: Moving from Strategy to Activation.” Speakers included experts from Clavis Insight as well as Hannah Gibson, Head… Read More

Multi-channel grocery shoppers spend 2.04 times more

Tesco, the UK’s largest retailer, proves that online grocery shopping has hit the mainstream with their latest figures. Tesco’s multichannel director Robin Terrel gives his opinion on this dramatic sea change in Tesco’s retail sales: “People often worry about cannibalisation,” said Terrell, “but that’s fundamentally missing the point. It’s about identifying your most valuable customers… Read More

Online Grocery in China

There are 618 million internet users in China and according to new data by Mastercard, nearly 100 percent of respondents from that country said they purchased something online in the past three months. Yu Gang, the co-founder of Yihoadian a leading online grocery site in China, gave some great insight to CNN on the issues you need to… Read More

Untapped Opportunities for eCommerce in an Aging Global Population

This past month Nielsen released the “Global Survey on Aging” where they polled more than 30,000 internet respondents in 30 countries. Nielsen’s data shows that the aging population is growing in number and so is their spending power; however “more than half of global consumers surveyed say they do not see advertising that reflects older… Read More

Shopper Marketing Summit

Clavis Technology will be exhibiting at the prestigious Shopper Marketing Summit at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center in Schaumburg, Illinois this month from March 24-26. Come visit us at booth 208. We are excited to sponsor this event; it features incredible speakers and workshops. We are pleased to announce that our Vice President of Business… Read More

Online Grocery in Asia-Pacific

Less than one in ten shoppers regularly access grocery websites in Asia-Pacific, but that number is growing fast as more consumers enter the middle-class income bracket and are able to access the internet. KPMG provides some great insight on Asia-Pacific with their article “Grocery Retailing in Asia Pacific”. This article gives a great run-down on… Read More

Online Alcohol Sales Growing

Wine bottles are heavy. Have you ever grabbed groceries at your local market and tried to balance a wine bottle or two in your hand held-cart? Not fun. So the idea of buying wine online seems like an obvious idea to me. Except right now there aren’t a lot of options to buy wine online,… Read More

Online Grocery Affects In-Store

A Supermarket News article about in-store design caught our eye recently. The premise of the article was that many of the items currently stocked in grocery stores will inevitably be sold online, so stores had better get ready and make some radical changes. We have been talking about the inevitability of online grocery for some… Read More

Online Grocery Shopping: The eCommerce market ripens

Last month the Wall Street Journal completed a study where a six person team shopping in six separate cities purchased fourteen identical items at both online and brick and mortar grocery stores to compare their experiences. The items purchased by the team were: Kellogg’s Raisin Bran, a half-gallon of 2% milk, Starbucks coffee, boneless chicken… Read More

Shopper Marketing Summit

Clavis Technology will be exhibiting at the prestigious Shopper Marketing Summit at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center in Schaumburg, Illinois from March 24-26. Clavis will be at booth 208. We are excited about all the incredible speakers and workshops at this event. Clavis’ own Simon Glass will be presenting on Monday, March 24. You can… Read More

Pinterest and CPG

Pinterest seems to be the word on the tip of every marketer’s tongue lately, and for good reason. It is sweeping the social media world by storm.  A new report from Pew Research center says that 21% of online adults use Pinterest – and a whopping 33% of online women use the social media outlet…. Read More

Online CPG Sales Growth

The first part of a new study from Deloitte, entitled “Digital Commerce in the Supermarket Aisle” sends a strong message to consumer packaged goods manufacturers: adapt to the new digital landscape or risk losing market share.  Deloitte’s statistics give compelling evidence that not only are manufacturers underestimating how many people shop online, but that there… Read More

First Moment of Truth

The interaction between a shopper and a product, whether it is in a physical store or online, is commonly called the “first moment of truth”. In a traditional brick and mortar store, shoppers buy products that enter their consideration set inside the store. Brands spend a great deal of time and energy on assortment, availability, shelf-placement… Read More

Alibaba Doubles Amazon’s Sales

Internet Retailer had an informative article this past November comparing America’s top eCommerce site Amazon to China’s Alibaba. They estimated that Alibaba booked nearly double Amazon’s sales in 2012. Two major factors for this is the size of China’s population and the way their population uses the web.  China has more than double the internet… Read More

Online CPG in China

China’s eCommerce giant Yihaodian has announced that it will be opening up 1,000 virtual supermarkets across the country called “Unlimited Yihaodian”. Yihaodian has already done this on a smaller scale, when it partnered with location-based services company Jiepang to provide virtual, QR-code shopping in subway stations. These virtual stores are 1,200 foot spaces which stock about… Read More

New Clavis White Paper

The market for consumer packaged goods (CPG) is changing rapidly as more and more consumers opt to perform their weekly grocery shopping online. It makes sense. Who really wants to spend their weekend pushing a cart around a supermarket when online shopping offers a perfectly viable alternative? A recent study by sell-side research outfit Sanford… Read More

Food Trends for 2014

Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert recently released his list of food industry predictions for 2014. We were intrigued by three important digital trends that Lempert says will have an impact on consumer goods brands next year. Packaging Becomes Digitized: 2014 will bring about more of a demand from consumers for information about their foods. Since packaging… Read More

CPG Multichannel Optimization

Clavis recently completed a study where we looked at over 150 brands in 17 of the top online retail stores in the US. The brands included some of the biggest sellers in food & beverage, health and beauty and home products. The study carried out using Clavis Technology’s eCommerce Insight online store audit and analytics… Read More

Online Potential in New Markets

Weak infrastructure and political instability is acting as “a catalyst for innovation and new consumer behaviors” in emerging markets, according to a recent report by digital analyst firm eMarketer. The report titled “CPG in Developing Markets: Consumers’ Digital Habits in Emerging Economies” looks at the opportunities and threats for consumer packaged goods companies trying to… Read More