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Visit us at the Online & Digital Summit 2014, 18-19th November 2014, London

With the rise of online and digital channels in recent years, online grocery retailing has become an area of substantial growth, which is only set to keep thriving. As a result, keeping informed on how your brands are represented on the digital shelf is more important than ever. Our software tracks and monitors how your… Read More

New Clavis White Paper

The market for consumer packaged goods (CPG) is changing rapidly as more and more consumers opt to perform their weekly grocery shopping online. It makes sense. Who really wants to spend their weekend pushing a cart around a supermarket when online shopping offers a perfectly viable alternative? A recent study by sell-side research outfit Sanford… Read More

CPG Multichannel Optimization

Clavis recently completed a study where we looked at over 150 brands in 17 of the top online retail stores in the US. The brands included some of the biggest sellers in food & beverage, health and beauty and home products. The study carried out using Clavis Technology’s eCommerce Insight online store audit and analytics… Read More

Online Potential in New Markets

Weak infrastructure and political instability is acting as “a catalyst for innovation and new consumer behaviors” in emerging markets, according to a recent report by digital analyst firm eMarketer. The report titled “CPG in Developing Markets: Consumers’ Digital Habits in Emerging Economies” looks at the opportunities and threats for consumer packaged goods companies trying to… Read More

Online Merchandizing has just released a study conducted by Forrester called: “The State of Retailing Online 2013: Marketing and Merchandising”. One aspect of the report that we found most interesting was the response to the question “What are your top five merchandising initiatives and priorities for your online business in 2013?” The number one answer to… Read More

eCommerce Value Calculator

Clavis releases a value framework for calculating the potential sales up-lift that brands can expect by optimizing their digital channel performance. Shopper Marketing Expo, Chicago, Illinois October 2013: Consumer packaged goods, food & beverage, personal care and household products companies are seeing unprecedented growth in sales via online channels. But some brands are doing better… Read More

eCommerce and Transparency

Increasingly consumers like to know more and more about the food they eat and where it has come from. Clarity is essential, according to Phil Lempert, Editor-In-Chief of Supermarket Guru and contributing editor at Supermarket News who included transparency as one of his top ten food trends for  2013. As Lempert explained: “people are choosing… Read More

New Clavis White Paper

Maintaining Online Food Sales Growth in the Face of the European Food Information Regulation Clavis Technology, Friday June 14: Looming changes to European food labelling legislation, under European Union Regulation 1169 (known as the European Union Food Information Regulation – EU FIR), pose a threat to growth of online food sales throughout the 27 (soon to… Read More

Clavis at GS1 Connect

Clavis Technology has been invited to speak at the prestigious GS1 Connect Conference in San Antonio, Texas next week. If you are not familiar with the GS1 Connect conference it is an annual opportunity to fully explore how GS1 Standards can help you leverage the power of information. There will be over 1,400 attendees from… Read More

Are You EU FIR Compliant?

Do you sell or plan on selling food products online in any of the 27 EU countries? The European Union Food Information Regulation (EU FIR) sets out new requirements for information that must be provided in order to sell your food products in online stores. Research carried out by Clavis indicates that much of the… Read More


Is your online store product information ready for the EU Food Information Regulation? The looming European Union Food Information Regulation could lead to a significant loss of sales for food and beverage manufacturers as retailers across Europe remove 1000s of non-compliant products from online stores in advance of the December 2014 deadline. Clavis Technology just released… Read More

Clavis is Hiring in Ireland & US

Clavis Technology, a leading eCommerce Intelligence and Data Quality software developer is planning to hire 10 new staff to work at its development center in Dublin, Ireland. The company is also adding to its team in North America, where it is hiring sales, marketingand eCommerce consulting experts. The cloud-technology company is seeking to recruit software… Read More

Retail Experience of the Future

Retail Experience of the Future Needs Accurate Data to Succeed: A recent article in USA Today “Why shopping will never be the same” points to a not too distant time when retailers will be completely reliant on accurate, complete and consistent product information to run their businesses. According to industry insiders and analysts quoted in… Read More

EU Regulation Impacts Suppliers

Food Suppliers Face Struggle to Comply with EU Food Information Regulation: The European Food Information Regulation will have significant repercussions for suppliers and retailers who wish to sell their products online, according to a recent legal assessment commissioned by GS1. GS1 asked law firm Mason, Hayes & Curran, to look at how the regulation might… Read More

CPG Embraces eCommerce

I came across a very interesting blog in the Harvard Business Review, by Kraft Food’s Vice President of Global Media and Consumer Engagement, Bonin Bough. In it he espouses the thesis that all consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies are in the eCommerce game, whether deliberately or not. I couldn’t agree more. As he also points… Read More

Clavis to Exhibit at GS1 Connect

Clavis Technology will be exhibiting at GS1 Connect in Las Vegas NV, June 4-7, 2012. This year our experts also have two speaking slots at the event both on Wednesday the 6th. See for more information. At 2.00pm in the Bristlecone Technology Theatre, Simon Glass will be presenting the results of the Clavis Technology… Read More

Is your data ready for selling online?

My colleague Garry Moroney asked the very pertinent question “Is your data ready for Global Data Synchronization?” in a recent blog – Given the massive rise in online sales during the recent holiday period in the US there is an equally burning question to be asked about whether your data is ready to sell on-line?… Read More

Is your data ready for Global Data Synchronization?

We all know the global data synchronization (GDS) train is coming down the track, but what most suppliers and retailers don’t know is whether their data is ready for GDS or not. I say most don’t know; but to be honest if they were to guess they’d probably say it’s nowhere near ready. Anecdotal evidence… Read More

Retailers: Three steps to ensure you can trust data get from your Suppliers

With the growing importance of data to the Retail supply chain and Supplier collaboration, Retailers need to know that they can trust the quality of product data they get from Suppliers. The fastest way to get your Suppliers to rally round your product data goals is to make data quality one of their key supplier… Read More

Clavis Data Visibility at UConnect Live 2011

Clavis Technology will have a significant presence at the UConnect Conference in Orlando, Florida next week. For the past 10 years the UConnect Conference has been a gathering place for companies at the forefront of using GS1 Standards to achieve supply chain optimization. This year the focus is on value chain visibility. In particular how… Read More