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Want to Win on Search and the Buy Box? Focus on Creating Unique Product Content

Unique product content doesn’t just help you convert shoppers at online retailers. It is also the frontline in your marketing and branding efforts

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Brand and User-Generated Content Key to Unlocking Consumer Electronics Sales Online

Consumer electronics is the largest ecommerce category by sales. Both brand and user-generated content is driving online and omnichannel sales.

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New FDA Nutritional Labeling Will Impact eCommerce Product Content

Consumers are increasingly sensitive to health and wellness trends and are more empowered to make well-informed purchase decisions than ever before. In response to consumer demand for nutritional information, the FDA recently unveiled an official update to the standard package labeling.

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Maximizers vs Satisficers: Optimizing Online Product Content

Do you spend a lot of time researching most purchase decisions? Have you ever spontaneously bought a car? Is it hard for you to buy a friend a birthday present? Your answers to these questions map to the type of decision maker you are.   According to renowned psychologist Barry Schwartz, there are two types… Read More