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Singles’ Day 2016 Live: Updates in Real-Time

On November 10th & 11th, we’re posting live updates and commentary about the Chinese Mega Shopping Event Singles Day 2016

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Singles’ Day in China to Kick-off Global Online Shopping Season in 2016

Singles’ Day in China promises to be a true omnichannel happening to support a staggering combination of internet, mobile, and offline offers in 2016.

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Singles’ Day: The Undisputed Champ of Online Shopping Days

Singles’ Day is the largest online shopping event in the world. In 2015 Double 11 spending at Alibaba alone topped US$14.3 billion.

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China’s eCommerce Market: A Westerner’s Perspective

Driven by upward mobility and an online and mobile-enabled culture, China’s ecommerce market is not only ahead of the West, but extending its lead.

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