IRCE 2015 Video: New Metrics for Online Fulfillment

Add to Cart: New Metrics for Online Fulfillment

Presented by:
Erin Miller: eCommerce Sales and Strategy Lead, Barilla Group
Supriya Chaudhury: Chief Marketing Officer, Clavis Insight

The demands of fulfillment for online stores, very different than for physical stores, represent a challenge for retailers and brands alike. Brand manufacturers traditionally persuaded store retailers to stock items in deep inventory. But many online retailers tend to carry far less inventory, increasing the likelihood of out-of-stocks from even a slight unexpected surge in demand. What kind of metrics should brands and retailers be using to set goals and targets specifically for fulfillment online, so as to ensure that inventory is available in the right place and at the right time to deliver on customer orders? And how might knowledge of these metrics affect online retailers’ choices on how to present merchandise on their sites, or on what to feature in the assortment?

View the recording of Add to Cart: New Metrics for Online Fulfillment and hear answers to these questions from an online retail store analytics expert and a leading consumer brand. You’ll learn how retailers of all sizes can collaborate with brands to identify and track the right fulfillment and inventory metrics to foster success and profits in the online retail environment.

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