CPG Matters: Optimizing the Online Opportunity for CPG

Optimizing the Online Opportunity for CPG Brands: Applying the Right Metrics and Processes To Win in the Fast Growing eCommerce Channel
Presented by:
Supriya Chaudhury, Chief Marketing Officer, Clavis Insight

With no physical shelves or products in online stores, traditional merchandizing tactics around shelf placement, end-caps etc are not applicable in the eCommerce channel. So what can CPG manufacturers do to boost their brands in online stores, and what metrics should they use to set goals and measure success.

In this session for CPG brand marketers, account management and eCommerce leaders, you will learn about:

  • The importance of fully understanding what the consumer sees in the online store
  • What metrics brands should be tracking to set goals and targets for online store presence and performance
  • How to optimize your online channel presence to protect your brands and enable profitable eCommerce growth.

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Image_LEAD Conference Presentation