3 Tips To Improve Online Channel Conversion & Grow Your Sales With Online Retail Partners

Despite the growth in eCommerce sales of groceries and consumer goods it can be a challenge to get consumers all the way through the path to purchase in the online retail and clicks & bricks stores where your products are sold.

At every step from Demand creation, through Research and Evaluation to Conversion there is potential for something to go wrong that stops the consumer from adding your product to their basket.

To achieve success in a changing marketplace where online retail stores account for an ever growing proportion of revenue, brand owners and manufacturers need to ensure that:

  • They have the right mix of products in each store to maximize consumer interest.
  • The information and images about their products in leading online stores are complete, accurate and properly presented.
  • Their products and brands rank highly by search and by menu category in online stores, and that online promotions are being executed effectively.

Clavis delivers Online Store Audits and Analytics to help brand owners and consumer goods manufacturers to answer these questions and more.

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