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eCommerce Accelerator Summit  Americas

Maximize Your Growth From The Digital Shelf

  • September 15, 2016
  • State Room, Boston
  • #clavissummit

Watch the on-demand presentations to get the smartest insights, metrics, analytical tools and processes to help you maximize your market share in the online channel.


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Our 2016 Americas eCommerce Accelerator Summit brought together category leaders, retailers, and industry experts to discuss the smartest insights, metrics, and analytical tools needed to unleash the next wave of growth from the digital shelf. Learn how manufacturers and retailers are re-tooling their processes and building out the right skills to scale their operations and maximize market share in the online channel.

Watch the highlight video below to see what to expect.


2015 Clavis eCommerce Accelerator Summit Highlights

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The 2016 Americas eCommerce Accelerator Summit featured ecommerce leaders from global consumer and business goods manufacturers, online and multi-channel retailers, and leading industry partners.

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    Anand Vora Strategic Partner Development Manager

    Anand Vora
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    Will Buckland Director Retail

    Will Buckland
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    Lisa Kolodny Johnson VP, Brand Marketing

    Lisa Kolodny Johnson
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    Tim Barrett Global Retailing Analyst
    Euromonitor International

    Tim Barrett
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    Neil Ackerman Director, Global eCommerce
    Mondelēz International

    Neil Ackerman
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    Jenna Spivak Evans Assoc. Digital & eCommerce Capabilities Manager

    Jenna Spivak Evans
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    Faisal Rangwala Senior Manager, eCommerce & Digital Marketing
    Johnson & Johnson

    Faisal Rangwala
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    Danny Silverman SVP, Customer Strategy
    Clavis Insight

    Danny Silverman
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    Supriya Chaudhury Chief Marketing Officer
    Clavis Insight

    Supriya Chaudhury


  • How well are you fueling your eCommerce Flywheel? Learn how Mondelez works on keeping theirs Spinning Neil Ackerman, Director, Global eCommerce, Mondelēz International Fueling the ecommerce flywheel is essential to drive more revenue and achieve business objectives. Selection, price, content, traffic, and search all play a role, but may vary in a full basket and single basket model. Neil will share examples on how Mondelez adds value to their eCommerce flywheel, the processes they have built to be successful and the analytics used to track the efficiency of their ecommerce flywheel. He will explore the critical mechanisms to focus on to keep this flywheel spinning, and how to effectively work with customers like Amazon and Walmart to drive joint success.

  • How the newest eCommerce Disruptor is Poised for Growth Will Buckland, Director Retail, Learn how to capture the opportunity presented by the emerging and fastest growing retailers in your category. Get deeper insights into the strategies driving and how the partnership with Walmart will help drive greater sales, operations and efficiency. Jet will also share their approach to driving strong retailer manufacturer partnerships.

  • The Omni-Channel Path-to-Purchase: How Technology is Enabling Changes in Shopper Behavior and How Brands Can Respond Anand Vora, Strategic Partner Development Manager, Google Winning in distributed commerce means making sure your brand shows up wherever consumers shop - especially online. Brands submitting data into Google Manufacturer Center are seeing increases in conversion rates at retailers of up to 25%. Anand Vora, Strategic Partner Development Manager for Google will tell you how. He will present an overview of Google Shopping's vision & strategy, share insights on consumer trends in shopping & ecommerce, as well as provide a deeper dive into Google's efforts around structured product metadata.

  • Next Generation Growth Accelerated by Smarter Consumer Engagement Lisa Kolodny Johnson VP, Brand Marketing, FreshDirect More than the smart business of creating a marketing framework around eating events and unique online franchises, the FreshDirect team drives the next generation of their online business with smarter engagement powered by customer-led experiences and collaboration.

    Starting from the customer journey and target segments, for FreshDirect the opportunity is in the customer loop. Understanding the dynamic way today’s mobile-web enabled consumers shop and how their priorities change by daypart and device, will help focus and ensure marketing efforts enhance rather than disrupt engagement.

    A command of shifting priorities, drivers, actions, and triggers are critical to understanding what motivates customers and when to let you offer the right, relevant solutions at a moment’s notice.

  • Consumer Generated Content: How Ratings and Reviews are impacting the Shopper Journey, Messaging and Business Priorities Jenna Spivak Evans, US Digital Capabilities Lead, Unilever Ratings and Reviews have emerged as a much more influential and trustworthy source of information than traditional brand messaging. It’s hard to miss the impact this type of consumer generated content has had on driving shopper choice and sales, with reviews coming in as one of the top 3 pieces of information shoppers search for before making a purchase. Learn how Unilever is leading the way to capitalize on this influential source of information for consumers, and turn it into a powerful source of content, data and insights.

    Jenna Spivak Evans, US Digital Capabilities Lead for Unilever, will share best practices in how brands are running review generation campaigns, and the impact on the Unilever business. She will also explore how the insights and feedback from these consumer conversations are helping to better inform the organization’s understanding of the Unilever consumer, improve customer service, influence product development and provide authentic consumer generated content that is powerful to leverage brand communications.

  • The Power of Product Content in Driving Digital Sales Faisal Rangwala, Senior Manager eCommerce and Digital Marketing, Johnson & Johnson According to eMarketer, 87% of consumers state they are unlikely to purchase a product if its product information in inaccurate. To succeed on the digital shelf, brands must ensure that they have the processes in place to create strong product content that is optimized for the ecommerce channel and is consistent across all retailers.

    Faisal Rangwala, Senior Manager eCommerce and Digital Marketing for Johnson & Johnson, will share how the global consumer goods giant is utilizing best-in-class technology and processes across the globe to create high impact engaging product content which is driving online sales.

Who You’ll Meet

The 2016 Americas eCommerce Summit will allow you to meet and interact with fellow innovators who are enabling ecommerce and multi-channel retailing from global consumer and business goods manufacturers and retailers. Previous session attendees included: