Strategic Partnership with IRI to Deliver Holistic Omnichannel Measurement

As part of our continuing drive to deliver on our role as the global hub for eCommerce Intelligence, we have announced a strategic partnership with IRI, one of the world’s leading market research companies.

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Is your data ready for Global Data Synchronization?

We all know the global data synchronization (GDS) train is coming down the track, but what most suppliers and retailers don’t know is whether their data is ready for GDS or not. I say most don’t know; but to be honest if they were to guess they’d probably say it’s nowhere near ready. Anecdotal evidence… Read More

Retailers: Three steps to ensure you can trust data get from your Suppliers

With the growing importance of data to the Retail supply chain and Supplier collaboration, Retailers need to know that they can trust the quality of product data they get from Suppliers. The fastest way to get your Suppliers to rally round your product data goals is to make data quality one of their key supplier… Read More

You might not know it but your job is data quality

The number of people involved in data quality these days goes way beyond those of us who actually have data quality in our job titles. I could go as far as to say that anyone who touches corporate data should take some responsibility for data quality – even if it’s only that we should at… Read More

Does bad product data stunt your growth?

You bet it does: bad product data can lead to lost sales due to out of stocks, delays in new product introductions, and lost opportunity due to money and effort being spent on workarounds. That’s got to impact growth. If the data is inaccurate re-supply can go wrong or shelf placement can be thrown out… Read More

Data Quality: Is Right First Time the Right Way to go?

The new KPI (key performance indicator) for data quality is “Percent Right First Time”. Organizations have recognized that strategic data quality initiatives should focus on avoiding data errors rather than fixing them. Right First Time is the core philosophy underlying Clavis Data Quality Steward and so it’s something that we talk about on a daily… Read More

Preventative Data Quality: Vaccinating against the virus

All over the world governments are hurriedly stockpiling quantities of vaccine against the H1N1 Virus. They are doing this because the medical profession understands that when it comes to stopping viruses, prevention is by far the best strategy. The benefits of disease prevention – over cure – are many: There is no recovery time for… Read More

Thinking operationally about your MDM will support your Data Governance goals

Recently I attended a conference with a slant towards connecting packaged goods manufactures with the retail marketplace. It’s apparent – at least to me – that generating and maintaining ‘high quality’ accurate Master Data is generally accepted as a requirement for electronic commerce or an enterprise information management strategy. As the Master Data Management market… Read More

When it comes to Data Quality Prevention is better than Cure

Welcome to the new Clavis Technology Data Quality and Data Governance Blog. We hope to use this forum to share some of our experience of the world of data quality and data governance in the coming months and years. At Clavis we have some of the foremost experts in the area, with many years experience… Read More