About Clavis Insight

Grocery shopping is changing around the world as more and more consumers turn to online stores to complete their weekly shopping. This means consumer packaged goods manufacturers need to change how they collaborate with the retail channel.

Understanding how your products are represented in physical stores is no longer enough. To succeed in the multichannel world CPGs also need to get a handle on the digital channel. That’s where Clavis Insight steps in.

Clavis is at the forefront of the grocery shopping eCommerce revolution, delivering eCommerce Insights and Online Store Audits to Food & Beverage, Personal Care, Baby Care, Pet Care and Household Products brand leaders around the world.

The Insights are designed to enable you to optimize your distribution, content integrity and placement in the digital channel in order protect your brand online  and grow your sales.

Contact info@clavisinsight.com to find out how our Insight will enable you to optimize your digital channel performance.

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